Chef Matthew Hoyes Services and Rates

When you hire Chef Matthew Hoyes he will provide you with the most elegantly prepared and superior tasting cuisines the world offers.  Chef’ Matthew’s amazing culinary delights may be served in the comfort of your own home on a regular basis in Raleigh, NC and surrounding.  He is also readily available for special occasions and events, or just to spice up your Friday night for the family and friends.  Additionally, Chef Matthew assures that both comfort and privacy are a key element to every meal whether the service is for a party of two or twenty-two.

Chef Matthew locally provides both his solo performances and scheduled multiple events in the Cary, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham area.  Every dining experience is special with Chef Matthew and his clientele feel they are in the presence of an international expert in his field.  With more than twenty years experience serving top shelf dishes to distinguished palates Chef Matthew has produced a wealth of cuisine delights at a price acceptable to all that understand his craft.

Thanks to Chef Matthew, there is no need to travel to far-away islands or lands for the best possible cuisine when it can be prepared and served in the comfort of your own home.


Foods Actual Price with no markup
Provisioning $35.00 per hour
Chef Preparation $75.00 to $150.00 per hour

Food provisioning may include specialty foods from around the world as Chef Matthew has world-wide provisioning contacts and can receive fresh overseas shipments within 24-hours

Additional professionally trained service personnel are available on demand at the rate of $35.00 hourly

Other Services:

Chef Matthew also offers cooking classes. These cooking classes will be for two to eight individuals (2-8) Call or text Chef Matthew today for more information.

Chef Matthew also is available to high-end restaurant owners (non-franchise) for menu revisions and development.